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Monday, 13 July 2009


It's taken a while, but eventually I have found the time to create my very first blog and what I hope will be one of many. Through regular blogs I hope to share my experiences on the road to 2012 and beyond.

Following a fantastic 2008 season, the highlight being my achivement of the IAAF 'B' Standard for the Olympic 50km Walk, I started preparation for 2009 well.The last 6 months have been very much up and down with a number changes being made, hopefully for the better.

Towards the end of 2008, I had planned to relocate back down to Colchester, having based myself in Coventry for the last 8 years, to work closer with both Dom and Jerry.

2008 however ended on a very sad note when my club coach, mentor and close friend Jerry Everett passed away at the young age of 47. This was a massive blow not only to Dominic (twin brother) and myself but also to all those around him. Jerry was always supportive and very proud of our achivements and I am eternally grateful for all the work he did for us.

Awarded the Team Essex Ambassador Award

I'm honoured to be one of 12 Team Essex Ambassador's and have enjoyed the opportunites that have arisen to date to share my experiences and motivate others around the county to get active and regularly involved in sport and physical activity.

In return for my role as Essex Ambassador, Essex County Council have kindly supported me through the Ambassador Grant Scheme which has allowed me to make significant changes to my training.

Some of the immediate changes I have been able to make include regular massage (twice weekly) and work with experts in areas such as Psychology, Sports Nutrition and Sports Physiotherapy / Biomechanics. Improvements in all these areas are vital in ensuring I continue to develop as an athlete and be as competitive as possible on the International Circuit.

Arts & Sports Development Officer

Alongside twice daily training I continue to work full time in order to finance my sport and cost of living. My role as Arts & Sports Development Officer at Suffolk Coastal DC allows me to work in areas I am passionate about and similar to my Ambassador role for Essex, give something back to the community.

2009 Starts Well

I started 2009 very well with a victory at the popular London Open 10km and a high placing at the European Permit Lugano Grand Prix race (20km). In Lugano I represented England alongside my brother Dom and clubmate Luke Finch. Between us we won the Team Title, beating top oppostion from other European Countries.

Success in Lugano followed by mutliple training stints up at the new Race Walking Centre of Excellence (Leeds MetCarnegie)lead to another Great Britain and NI call up, this time in Metz, France for the European Cup of Race Walking. Competing in the 50km event, I was looking to get close to 4 hours bettering my current personal best (4.04.48). Unfortunately this was not to be at I was disqualified part way through.


In early June, two weeks post European Cup, I came off my bike and as a result ruptured two of the three ligaments that cross the ankle. Fortunately due the support from Essex County Council, i had been able to build a small team of support staff, so was able to seek expert advice almost immediately and begin 'Rehab' straight away.

A big part of rehab, especially the initial stages involves 'Aqua Jog' or running in the pool. This is ok to begin with, but after a while, you start to get bored of counting the number of tiles that line the pool! I have been mixing this form of training up with regular cycling (trying to stay on the bike this time!) as well as strength and conditioning programmes at home.

Although still not able to race walk fully, I have progressed well and through the close work of a number of experts I am confident of making a full return hopefully for the closing part of the 2009 season (September).



Blogger Tim said...

Hi Dom

Good to see your news....

Guess what I did the same injury falling off my bike - but after much cycling, foot strengthening with bicycle inner tubes and time on a wobble board was back good as new soon enough. I used to feel it once in a while with the first step out of bed some mornings but it's now faded from the memory and any after effects.
Keep up the rehab and best of luck,

29 July 2009 at 15:17  
Blogger Daniel King'd Blog said...

Thanks Tim,

It's Dan not Dom, title at top of page kind of gives that away. Anyway thanks for taking the interest to read it. I will try and keep it up to date whenever i get a chance.

Good to know someone who has been through what i am going through. I am confident of coming through it. Hope to be back racing in September.



1 August 2009 at 12:29  

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